Registered Codes

This registration code can be used to trace a specific hamster.


Example TOWY-12-0053

The 4 letter code identifies the breeder.

The next 2 digits refer to the year the hamster was born

The final 4 digits are a unique number, when used in conjunction with the previous indetifies that hamster. Some people start at 0001 each year, others use a randon (non re-occuring) number.

AHIL Amberhill Hamstery Margaret Donnelly
ALEX Alex Eames
ALPH Alphabet Hamstery Emma & Molly Pearce
AUSS Aussie Hams Mary Melbourne
BBEE BrimbleBee Hamstery Charlotte Brinfield
BBHH Bluebell House Hamsters Louise Cunningham-Jones
BLUE Blue Rose Jenny Campion
BRAM Brambleberries Victoria Holt
BVHD Bourne Valley Hamsters Mark Harris
BVHS Bourne Valley Hamsters Sue Carter
CAMT Camelot Dawn Mason
CARR Carington Hamster Crew Sheryl & Paul Sharkey
CATS Cat Bambrook
CHEV Cheverton Hams Frazer Avill & Hayley Jones
CHOC Chocolate Hams Julie Shepherd
CRIT Peerie Critter Hamstery Julie Osmond 
CRST Crystal Hamstery Kirsty McClone
CUST Custard Hamstery Anastasia Blair
DJAY Lyn Richell
DRCH Doric Hamstery Kat Barnes
DSNA Di Skinner
DUNC Duncton Hamstery Andrew Bryan
GERM Hamsters from Gemany
HAMA Hamster Manor Ashlea Green
HAMP Hamper Hams C & T Groves
HARV Harvey Hams Amy Cartwright
HMFB Hamster Mischief Emma Collins
HNDX Hendrix Hamstery Gareth Hughes
IRID Iridescent Hamstery Maddi Bucki
JELL Jane Goben
LEED Charlotte Gummerson
LHGW Gary Watkins
LIND Lindellen Hamsters Justine Bibby
MADA Mad About Hamsters Terasa McHugh & A. Linford
MIDN Midnight Hamstery Sarah Hughes
MOON Moonraker Hamsters Jenny and Jim Gudgeon
MTLH Mettalica Hamstery Jenna Gray
MYPT Rachel Brown
MYTH Amanda Hemsley
NETH Hamsters from Netherlands
NOAH Charlotte Thomson
NUBU nooboo hamsters Aneta Workman
NWDH Norwood Ham-Stars Alison Barrow
OAKF Oak Farm Roborovskis Tammy Buckland
OHKC Olympus Hams Craig and Kim Lewis
PEHA Pennine Express Hamstery Anita
PEHE Pennine Express Hamstery Emma Moreton
PENN Marie Haigh and Dail Franklin
PHAM Teresa Harris
PICO Picoli?? Bill Taylor
RDHS Red Devil Hamstery Joshua Rowe
REEB John Richardson
SATI Samantha Josephine Pearce
SCSS South Coast Sysyrians Ellie Collins
SERE Serendipity Hamstery M.&.D.Lockland
SOLH. Solihull Hamstery Christopher Johnsone
SOME Somershire Hams Wendy Barry
SPAR Stoneland Hamstery Pamela Milward
STAR Tristar
TOWY Towy Vale Hamstery Pete & Chris Logsdail
TUFL Sue and Carl Parker
TWHR Julie-Ann & Colin Wearn
TWLT Twilight Hams Louise Raymundo
VCTS Vectis Hamstery Rachel Owers
WELL Wellington Hamstery Melissa Chamberlain
WESX Wessex Hamstery Rob Gudgeon
WGHS Wyngrove Hams
WYSD Wyeside Hamsters Gill Bowden
YAFF Yaffle Hams Claire Matthews
ZEMM Zem Hamstery Natasha Taylor